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  • Bontrager CX3 Hard-Case Lite

Bontrager CX3 Hard-Case Lite

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Gunning for the Hole Shot. Grinding up a wall. Railing an off-camber turn. All that and mud to boot. Don't let a little moisture spoil your ride. Bontrager's CX3 tyres dig into grass and shed mud providing impressive traction over wet, loose cross courses.


  • Great cornering all-around Cross tyre
  • Excels in muddy and soft conditions
  • Hard-Case Lite - Lightweight sub-tread material protects against punctures


          Hard-Case Lite

          Bontrager's first and lightest weight line of defense features a belt (or co-extrusion) directly under the tread, preventing glass and stone from penetrating the tread and puncturing the tube. We vary the thickness and material according to intended use, minimizing weight penalty.

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