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  • Squire Zenith Combi 12/1800 inc LED

Squire Zenith Combi 12/1800 inc LED

Available to order. Send us an item enquiry (below) stating the make, model, size and colour of the item and we will be in touch very shortly with delivery date.


The Squire Zenith Combi lock is by far the most practical combination lock we sell at All Ride Now, Not only does it have 10,000 potential combinations (which are re-codable) to choose from, it has a bracket for you to attach it to your bike and also an inbuilt LED so you can still see the lock in dark places. 

The Zenith comes with a 12mm x 1800mm octagonal cable and a safety rating of 7/10; you would expect the same from a standard D-Lock which would be twice the RRP.

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