Exposure Flex - E-Bike Light

Exposure Flex - E-Bike Light

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3 LED e-bike light, the Flex is our e-mtb orientated light with a possible output of up to 3300 lumens in a lightweight and compact unit.  Powered via the battery/motor system, this allows you to do away with the traditional onboard battery system. The Flex utilises our REFLEX ++ technology for smarter battery management, and is fitted with wired remote for easy mode changes. Fitment is from a new single sided reinforced nylon bracket, this allows for central mounting position on the bike.

The Nitty Gritty:

LEDs 3 x White XHP35
IP Rating IP6
Max Lumens 3300 (Motor Dependent)
Battery N/A
Runtime N/A
Charging Time N/A
Weight 80g
Material Anodised 6063 Aluminium
Length 37mm
Head Diameter 44mm
In The Box Flex, E-Bike Handlebar Bracket, QS Guide


System Compatibility

Exposure e-bike lights directly connect to the motor output and use the bikes battery for power. Outputs from the various manufacturers and the models available differ from 6v to 12v, and max allowed amps. Our Fuse and Flex automatically detect the system voltage and adapt to the available power, and are therefore compatible with most motor systems. To see how many lumens you will get from a particular unit and compatibility, take a look at our data sheet. Just click the button below.