Muc Off E-Bike Ultimate Bike Kit
Muc Off E-Bike Ultimate Bike Kit

Muc Off E-Bike Ultimate Bike Kit

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    Full-time eBike shredder? This kit is gonna be right up your street!

    The Muc-Off eBike Ultimate Kit has everything you could ever need to look after your electric steed. The kit contains two of our eBike specific lubes, that have been formulated with a unique eBike lubricity additive pack that laughs in the face of the extra torque, and can withstand a beating from even the most powerful eBike drivetrains! Combine that with a bundle of cleaner, cloths, brushes and protective sprays and you’ve got yourself a party!


      eBike Dry Lube

      • Creates a dry ceramic coating for increased durability and dry condition performance
      • Contains Boron Nitride compounds
      • Ceramic compounds provide ultra-low friction for unparalleled lubrication
      • Non-dust attracting - excels in dry and dusty conditions
      • Utilises biodegradable organic compounds

      eBike Wet Lube

      • Specifically designed for the hi-torque loads applied to an eBike chain.
      • Creates a ceramic coating for incredible durability and long-distance performance
      • Contains Boron Nitride compounds
      • Ceramic compounds provide ultra-low friction for excellent efficiency
      • Waterproof - excels in wet conditions
      • Readily biodegradable
      • Ideal for road and off-road
      • Integral UV tracer dye - aids accurate application to ensure total protection.

      Nano Tech Bike Cleaner

      • Safe on all parts and surfaces including carbon fibre
      • Will not harm seals, cables, brake pads or rotors
      • Safe on anodised metal
      • Alkaline based and free from CFCs, solvents, or acids
      • Nano Tech Formula cleans on a molecular level
      • Biodegradable

      Drivetrain Cleaner

      • Biodegradable*
      • Fast and effective grease cutting formula
      • Removes all chain oil and wax residue
      • Safely eliminates drive chain contaminants
      • Ideal for use with chain cleaning devices
      • Trigger spray included for easy application
      • Deep cleans all drive chain areas in seconds

      *Only contents are biodegradable


      • Free seized parts
      • Disperses moisture to prevent rust and corrosion
      • Provides light lubrication for moving parts
      • Reduces metal to metal contact
      • Prevents dirt adhesion
      • Cuts down on friction to improve component efficiency
      • Weight - 400g
      • Biodegradable*

      * Contents only.

      Expanding Microcell Sponge

      • Compact
      • Ergonomic shape for maximum comfort and ease of use
      • Vacuum packed

      Claw Brush

      • Ideal for chains, cassettes, mechs and sprockets 
      • Scraper for mud de-clogging
      • Durable ultra-stiff nylon brushes ensure even the toughest of grime can be cleared
      • Features 3 brush heads

      Two Prong Brush

      • Great for reaching tough, hard to reach spots
      • Ideal for forks, spokes, discs, shocks, cranks, and pedals
      • Suitable for all types of bikes
      • Rubberised ergonomic handle
      • Durable nylon bristles 

      Soft Washing Brush

      • Rubber edges for maximum protection
      • Oversized head for fast cleaning
      • Dual density handle for tough grip

      Microfibre Cloth

      • Super-soft, high-quality cloth
      • Safe to use on all surfaces
      • Deep-pile material traps dirt deep in the pile of the cloth preventing scratches or swirling
      • Split-fibre technology for increased absorbency

      Machine washable


      • Quick and easy to apply
      • Dissolves existing rust
      • 300+ hours salt spray to ASTM B-117
      • Thin transparent film
      • Strong capillary action allows the product to get into tight cracks and crevices
      • Contains UV application dye to ensure complete protection
      • Resistant to hot, cold, and salt-water
      • Ideal for use in harsh environments
      • Creates a self-healing barrier, active for up to 12 months
      • Safe to use on electrical components, paintwork, and most rigid plastic trim
      • Contains no wax silicon, Teflon, or water
      • Perfect for bicycles, e-bikes, and motorcycles

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